Monday, December 12, 2016

And so we return

This has been a very long gap for tedious reasons to do with health problems. Let us not dwell on them. The blog is back and it seems quite unnecessary at this stage to become involved in the discussions around the various legal cases (another one coming up, I understand) to do with Brexit or with the Prime Minister's leather trousers. Why she shouldn't wear leather trousers if she wants to, I cannot even begin to understand. In fact, I rather approve of a British politician of either gender being interested in clothes and dressing well.

Enough of that.

I am the bearer of sad news. While I was away from this space I heard that Dr Ljubo Sirc has died, peacefully after a long and very full life. Last April when Ljubo turned 95 I wrote a posting about him and do not think I can add anything. He was a man I admired unreservedly, one of the great fighters against tyranny and the various horrors of the twentieth century. Much of what he created, including the Centre for Research into Post-Communist Economies has survived and the fight will go on. But we shall miss Ljubo with his genial smile and his steel-like determination.

Rest In Peace, Ljubo.

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