Monday, May 30, 2011

Dangerous insanity

Do read this article by Phyllis Chesler. She may be going over the top in her fear for Israel and Jews in general but, equally, she may not be. As it happens, I think Obama's call for those 1967 borders is not going to be supported by a sufficient number of countries. Indeed, it has already been expunged through Canadian efforts from the G8 statement. I should like to think that our own government lined up on the right side in this matter but, I fear, that as ever, the Boy-King is bending with what he thinks is the prevailing wind (to quote Captain Renault). I would accept the argument that the Prime Minister of this country should not be seen to be a Patron of any charity that might be construed as being political (though I would like to see a list of those he is linked to) if he had also announced that no more taxpayers' money was going to Hamas. Let them find their own money to spend in those brand new shopping malls.

Whether her fears are fully justified or not (after all, the intent to kill all Jews and, presumably, other Israelis is there) the notion of "Queers for Palestine" is so monstrous as to defy description. Quite apart from Jews (and many of those Queers are probably Jewish), do these people not care what happens to people like them in Palestine and other Islamic Arab states?


  1. Having closely followed the history of Israel for many, many years I fear Chesler may not be going over the top. From what I can gather it was Canada, and only Canada, that vetoed the 1967 reference in the G8 statement.
    When the Arab Spring turns to Winter and the eventual new leaders in the Arab world need to deflect the Arab Street view from pressing domestic matters, it needs no crystal ball to find their target.
    And there are many already primed as to how those stiff-necked Jews deserve all they get.

  2. True enough. The only argument I can bring up against that and you might think it is akin to whistling in the dark, is that dissatisfied hordes do not make good fighting material and are unreliable in that they can turn on their own governments very easily. So the new Arab leaders (and, really, we are talking only about Egypt) may well find ways of finessing the situation a bit, not wanting another bloodbath or total humiliation. Not sure that is sufficient but it is to be taken into consideration.

    I find the British government's stance on the issue despicable.

  3. Dissatisfied (and murderous) hordes with thousands of missiles will be a tougher opponent than Israel has faced so far.
    "Hamas-Gaza's missile stock passes 10,000 - and going up"