Thursday, September 15, 2011

Small but important

Forget about Greeks protesting because ... sob ... strings are being attached to the hand-outs they think is their due their "democracy" is being destroyed; forget about those protests in Italy and Ireland. This is the news: the Germans are beginning to protest against the euro. 100 people is not many, I grant you. After all, I dismissed those 100 flag-burners outside the American embassy as not being exactly terrifying. There is a difference. The well-protected members of Muslim Against Crusades managed to muster only 100 after years of agitation and supposed ever-rising Muslim hatred of the West, the United States in particular. The 100 the fringe Partei der Vernunft (Party of Reason), which
held up banners with two key demands: "Raus aus dem Euro" (Out of the Euro) and "Stoppt die Schuldenunion" (Stop the debt union), according to a report by German daily FAZ.
is, I suspect, the beginning of a trend in Germany where the eurozone is clearly becoming ever less popular. It is good to see those signs outside the ECB though one cannot help thinking that if only they had listened to us ten or fifteen years ago, instead of pouring scorn on our warnings, the oncoming mess might have been avoided.

I asked Google to translate the party's programme into English and, for once, it is quite comprehensible. One cannot but support these people though, as they believe in freedom, low taxation and a small state, they will undoubtedly be called "fascist" by people who know absolutely nothing about fascism.


  1. There is another political party, called simply "Die Partei" which was set up by the editor of a satirical magazine called "Titanic" - rather as if Private Eye had sponsored it. Amongst its aims is the rebuilding of the Berlin Wall and greater protection for animals. One of the top officials is called Hintner, so they have started the Hintner Youth (Greeting "Hi Hintner!") which recently "invaded" Liechtenstein to bring it the benefits of democracy. They seem to have some jolly get togethers and have borrowed an old East German communist song "Die Partei hat immer recht" (the party is always right) as their theme tune.

    I just mention it in case you should hit on one of their blogs and wonder what had happened to "Die Partei der Vernunft". I wonder whether their slogan is "Tomorrow belongs to us"? It would seem appropriate.

  2. Rather an interesting collection of songs and slogans there. Thanks for pointing it out, Edward.

  3. Very interesting post and reply. The Germans also have the hopelessly muddled Die Linke party (anti-Lisbon, pro-integration).
    Having always though that it was trad, I was surprised to learn the other day that "Tomorrow belongs to me" is by Kander/Ebb. Helen, being up on musicals and history, was probably never taken in.