Friday, June 15, 2012

Missed my chance

I was going to blog about the girl who had been successfully blogging about her and her friends' school dinners until the council banned her from taking photographs of the food but I missed my chance. Her cause has become the fashionable cause of the twitterati and Jamie Oliver has weighed in. I understand the council has now backed down and the unfortunate girl has become a celebrity herself. May she survive it and may she continue her interest in food, something that is sadly lacking in many parts of this country. We already have too many campaigners, said I to someone who was praising Martha Payne as one such member of that group, but not nearly enough people genuinely interested in food.


  1. Isn't it ridiculous that we work so hard to get children motivated to speak up about things they believe are wrong, and then one does something like this and adults in charge say "Oh, we didn't really MEAN it." Idiots.

  2. Of course, they are idiots but then what do you expect from a local council?

  3. This so reminds me of my late sister, at the girls' grammar school in the Fifties. She did not have the benefit of technology but nonetheless complained about the quality of the school dinners.

    On one occasion, she wrapped her pudding in her handkerchief and took it to the headmistress as evidence. The headmistress, for whom she had the greatest respect, wrote a note home to say that, in the circumstances, she thought it advisable that Susan should bring sandwiches to school.

    The idea of the council getting involved would never have occurred to anyone.