Friday, September 14, 2012


Suddenly there are mobs hurt and upset people in various countries who are just so angered by that film in the United States (the one that is being blamed by the President, the Secretary of State and the main-stream media) that they have decided to attack the German and British embassies in Khartoum as well as a KFC in Tripoli in Lebanon.

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  1. Islam is a religion of peace, as Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and others have asserted - but only upon the corpses or submission of every last non Muslim.

    There are 1400 years of evidence to this effect. Given the collapse of Christianity and self-hatred of the intellectual classes in the West, it is not surprising that this political/social/religious ideology should try to fill the moral vacuum.
    Even the street crowds of the bazaar now know instinctively that they have the upper hand. A group which believes in something will beat those who believe in nothing every time.

    Professor Jansen's evidence at Geert Wilders' trial could be summed up as "There are moderate Muslims but there is not, and cannot be, any such thing as moderate Islam" (because the faith is scripturally fixed and can never have a "New Testament" version) This was so explosive to the multi-culti mindset that the judge, who insisted on bringing the charges against Wilders in the first place, actually tried personally to nobble the witness. This was little publicised here.

    Years ago, whilst out campaigning to "keep the pound", I had a long conversation with a very well-spoken Muslim missionary. When I suggested that he was bound to respect the laws of this country, he replied "For a Muslim, that is oppression" and when I came back to the point, he said "It is not your country, it is Allah's" . I read it up and, within the terms of his own ideology, he was absolutely right.

    Islam is the world's longest established, most successful fascist movement. To paraphrase Mussolini "Everything within the Ummah and nothing outside the Ummah"