Monday, June 3, 2013

Latvians show reluctance to join the euro

The Wall Street Journal thinks this reflects "Ambiguity Over Euro":
Political parties in Latvia skeptical of joining the euro zone next year took the bulk of the votes in the capital in local elections Saturday, heightening the view that many here still don't support joining the bloc.
I'd say it reflects some reluctance on the part of the people of Riga (likely to be the most pro-euro part of the contry) to join a problematic currency union. Never mind, says the article.
Still, the elections, held to select members of 119 municipal councils across Latvia—including the 60 members of Riga's city council—aren't expected to derail Latvia's planned adoption of the euro in January. The European Commission is expected this week to green light the small Baltic nation's entry into the euro zone.
Quite so. Why should votes and elections matter?

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