Monday, May 19, 2014

As I was saying

Ever nearer draws that election day and as people around me, wherever I go in what is laughingly known as real life remain underwhelmed by its importance, the debate on various other fora hots up. If you read some blogs (guilty as charged) and follow discussions on such sites as Twitter or Facebook, you might be forgiven for thinking that what will happen this Thursday will be of the slightest importance. Not so but far otherwise, at least as far as the European elections are concerned.

This is what I said on yet another discussion on Facebook that was about UKIP leading in the ComRes Poll (though there appears to be some debate about the accuracy of that prediction):
Well, really, if UKIP, having come second last time, cannot come first in the euros this time, they can just pack up. Of course, it will make no difference to anything as very few people care one way or another about the Euro elections. Facebook discussions give a false impression of their importance. The great thing about the Euros is that nobody actually wins since that is not how the European Parliament is structured and its role in the EU is very different from what a parliament is supposed to be but, at the same time, everybody wins because of the list system. Well, almost everybody.
Given the probable turn-out and the lack of any achievement by UKIP or any other MEPs that is inevitable under the structure and position of the Toy Parliament and given the list system one can only compare the European elections to the prize giving after the Caucus Race in Alice in Wonderland.


  1. backofanenvelopeMay 19, 2014 at 8:29 PM

    Poor old UKIP! If they win, it doesn't matter. If they come second they might as well pack up. Well, we will see.

  2. Ah diddums. But why would it matter who got into the European Parliament? It has not mattered hitherto.

  3. Helen, isn't it true that now the Lisbon Treaty (or was it a constitution, I forgot) is in force the Parliament has more powers than was previously the case. So perhaps these elections do matter a bit more than before. It's been many years since I voted for anyone, I only vote tactically, there is no one who represents my views. So imperfect though they are it's UKIP for me in these elections. It won't change anything, but then again neither will anything else. It will at least register as a none of the LibLabCon cronies.

  4. Which Parliament do you mean? The European? Yes, it has more powers and acquired more under each treaty but the way it is structured and given its role and aim, who represents your views even slightly (since you will never find a party or a candidate who represents them completely and why should you) is irrelevant.