Tuesday, December 13, 2016

How convenient

This morning I was wondering why the Remainiacs have not come up with the great theory that it was really Mr Putin wot won the Brexit vote through some nefarious intervention. Right on cue, we have Ben Bradshaw MP coming up with that particular theory for which he admits having no evidence at all but it stands to reason, innit.

Mr Bradshaw seems to think that it has somehow been proven that Donald Trump won the election (through the electoral college, let it be noted, not the popular vote) because of some complicated behaviour on the part of the Russians in revealing e-mails that had probably been leaked. Nothing much has been proved yet though it might be in future. Incidentally, I can recall a time when journalists would have been asking why the CIA or, at least, some unknown and unnamed operatives of it were intervening in the electoral process and, apparently, trying to force a re-run. As to Brexit, this is what Mr Bradshaw said [scroll down in Hansard as the Huffpo quotations are wrong and semi-literate];
We have not even begun to wake up to Russia’s cyber-warfare. Its interference in the American presidential elections is now proven. It probably interfered in our own referendum—we do not have the evidence for that yet, but it is highly probable. It will certainly be involved in the French presidential election. There are already serious concerns in the German secret service that Russia is already interfering in the upcoming elections. We have to wake up to this, but when?
Hmm. Convenient. Even the American intervention is not actually fully proven and it is not clear what was achieved by any of the Russian actions, assuming they had taken place and the information had not simply been leaked. To say that it is highly probable that Russia interfered in the referendum though there is no evidence is, to put it mildly, irresponsible. And it will "certainly be involved in the French presidential election"? How does Mr Bradshaw know? Has Mr Putin consulted him?

Still, now we have a great story: when the people decide that they do not want to vote the way they are told by their betters, such as Labour MPs, they are not simply displaying signs of populism (my smelling salts, please); it is all arranged by the Russians because people would never act this way themselves. What it really echoes is Putin's own accusations against all the coloured revolutions on the Russian borders: none of them could have been carried out by the people, they were all organized, funded and carried out by the evil Americans. Mr Bradshaw and his ilk are merely echoing Vlad and his propagandists. Should we be listening to them?


  1. Putin was responsible for Leicester City FC winning The Premier League in 2016. He bribed every referee, player, manager, fan, journalist, meat pie and tea salesperson in all 20 clubs. The experts all stated that Leicester would be relegated, finish lowest of the 20 teams. They finished top by a big margin. The experts can not be wrong. They are English and American, mostly in London and New York. Strangely the soccer experts took it gracefully and humbly, they admitted they had been wrong. They did not allege Putin had fixed the entire Premier League. Political pundits and media experts should learn from soccer pundits.

  2. Any chance any British MP or BBC news editor will report what was in any of Hillary or her senior staff emails ? No, because they would have the British public demanding Hillary go to prison and not be regarded as a Saint and ideal replacement for The Queen. Any chance any MP, researcher, BBC editor or journalist will read any of Roger Stone or Ed Klein's six books on Hillary (and The Bush family). They have incredible allegations. Stone was a key Trump adviser. So was Klein. The French politicians should be glad they are not dealing with Stone and Klein. BTW Hillary so hated by White House and State Department, you could not limit to short list of 1000 who would leak her emails ! The Washington Post made its name based on reporting leaks from whistleblowers. Next they will say Putin hacked the MPs expense claims !

    1. "Any chance an MP or the BBC will leak the e mails of Hillarious", not a chance in several million. Which shows the lack of intelligence amongst our MPs and Media.

    2. "Any chance an MP or the BBC will leak the e mails of Hillarious", not a chance in several million. Which shows the lack of intelligence amongst our MPs and Media.

  3. Breaking News! Putin interfered with the result of BBC Sports Personality of the Year. There is no actual proof yet, but it is only a matter of time.

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