Friday, June 26, 2009

It really doesn't matter what one says

President Obama has shown himself to be a complete neophyte in foreign affairs, which is very amusing since part of his and his acolytes' campaign was the mantra that he was sophisticated internationalist unlike the hicks Bush and McCain and all because in Germany a huge crowd applauded wildly at some of the statements.

One of the things somebody is going to have to explain to the POTUS (maybe the TOTUS can take it upon himself) that out there in the big bad world people do not necessarily react they way they are supposed to and are much more likely to react the way they have always done.

It did not help the President that he pussyfooted round the Iranian events, saying very mild things but not really criticizing until the very end: he has still been attacked by President Ahmadinejad for allegedly interfering in Iranian affairs (because no Iranian could possibly think of such concepts of free and fair elections by himself or, in this case, herself).

It did not help that the State Department kept the invitation to the White House July 4 barbeque, issued to Iranian diplomats open as long as possible, an invitation the diplos in question did not reply to, not knowing whether they would still be in DC by then. (Scott Johnson traces the story on Powerline.) They and the President are still being warned not to interfere or criticize again.

There must be some cries of "why me" and "what did I do" resonating in the White House if the POTUS can tear himself away from the latest Vanity Fair photoshoot long enough to pay attention, that is.

As Jennifer Rubin says on Pajamas Media: "Reality bites, doesn't it Mr President".


  1. My guess is that the Prez and Hillary are privately delighted at the Iranian uproar because it provides a convenient and plausible excuse for inaction.
    I hope the excuses tumble over each other indefinitely, since no policy is better than Obama's planned hand-holding with the mullahs and greeeeeat big huggy-wugs.

  2. German blog (mostly german):

  3. Thanks Harris. My German was just about adequate to read the latest entries. Who is Thomas v. Osten-Sacken? The name sounded familiar and I feel embarrassed at not recalling where I have seen it.

  4. Good question ;-)

    It's a bit obscure what exactly he is doing - but in a good way.

    I think he is running this organisation:
    Involved here:

    Take a look at this video:

    I'd say he is a former leftist, now, well ... a neo-con/liberal - sort of (a career not unusual in a certain German generation ;-) - That blog is actual a collab of these people ) - very active, outspoken.

    But as a historian you perhaps had the Osten-Sackens in mind:

    Don't know if they are related.