Wednesday, July 18, 2012

One despairs

In fact, many of us despair.

I was in two minds whether to write about UKIP's or, to be quite precise, its leader's recent silliness but the Boss did, in a manner that is quite mild for him. That porcine heart valve is having a strange effect.

Really and truly, what is the point of challenging the Boy-King who is the Prime Minister of this country (or EU member state, if we are being accurate) to a duel debate on any subject? It's a nice photo opportunity but so what? Nigel Farage is the leader of a party that, after twenty years of existence and in the middle of an existential political crisis, cannot come within spitting distance of getting MPs. Why would the Prime Minister debate with him?

On top of that Farage goes off to Sedgeley and tells the audience that he and UKIP (or so he says, but I expect a few resignations in the wake of this statement) are ready to form a coalition with the Tories after the next election (as a result of which there will not be any UKIP MPs if the party carries on in this way) if that means a free and fair IN/OUT referendum. You know which referendum - the one we are going to lose because money and energy goes towards campaigning for it instead of making the case for leaving and working out what is to be done afterwards.


  1. Told you some while ago - says the right things on TV, but does all the wrong things in private. Welcome to LibLabConKip!

  2. Oh very nice, Stephen. Just as long as you don't drink the health of the gentleman in brown velvet.