Sunday, June 1, 2014

And who says there is no point to MEPs?

Well, I do, for one. However, it seems that I may be wrong. There is some point to them and not just in terms of them getting salaries and expenses as well as strutting round, producing unreadable articles in local newspapers. I can't wait for all that whining from UKIP MEPs (assuming they are still in that party and group by the end of the year) about them not being able to achieve anything in the European Parliament because .... well, really because there is not a great deal they can achieve, given the position of the Toy Parliament in the EU and its structure.

I am glad to say that the Speciality Food Magazine has set me right on this subject. I don't mean they set me right on the notion that UKIP MEPs will whine but on the general pointlessness of MEP behaviour. It seems that some MEPs manage to find themselves entertainment employment by providing funds for British food products to be sold to various countries in the Far East.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am very happy with the idea of British food being sold in other countries and, indeed, I happen to know that much of it is, from luxury items like good marmalade to meat and dairy produce, such as cheese. Ever more American delis, for instance, stock cheese from the British Isles which they buy through Neal's Yard Dairy. Many of those cheeses are produced by smallish producers and the reason they are bought in this country and abroad is because they are good. That is apparently insufficient: we must have the European Parliament allocating funding to a few chosen producers, usually rather large ones and ensure that small ones are left out and innovation is not encouraged.
Graham Watson, South West Liberal Democrat MEP [well, actually, he has just lost his seat in the general massacre of the Lib-Dims] said, "This new scheme will give Westcountry farmers, fishermen and brewers the opportunity to bring a taste of the South West to the world. I was pleased to see last year an EU-funded trade mission to Japan and South Korea to promote our very own West Country Farmhouse Cheddar.

"The European Parliament has today ensured that traditional products with European protected status like Cornish pasties will be given extra funding to boost their exports and win over new customers abroad."

The West country products receiving the boost include West Country Farmhouse Cheddar, Cornish pasties, Somerset cider brandy, Gloucestershire perry, Cornish clotted cream, Gloucestershire old spot pork and Fal oysters.
 Though Sir Graham Watson is out others will step into his shoes or follow in his footsteps. There are many opportunities there for lobbying and wining and dining our representatives in the Toy Parliament.


  1. This is what I dont understand about people such as you, Richard North and Christopher Booker. You whine and bitch and complain and denigate Farage, but lets be honest. at least he has done something. Will you and the others ever get off your sanctimonious arses and DO SOMETHING? The UKIP lot are at least standing up and attempting to do something. What you are doing is holding our arms to the table whilst the LibLabCon lot continue to shaft us up the rear passage.
    UKIP may not be perfect but all your whinning does is hamstring the movement to get people out to vote these toads out of power.

    1. Firstly, if you are going to attack me then have the courage to say who you are. You can't expect to be taken seriously while you hide behind Anonymous.

      Secondly, make up your mind: either Nigel Farage has already done such wonderful things or UKIP is trying to do them. Which? And what is it Farage has done, apart from getting himself onto the gravy train and what is it UKIP is trying to do apart from getting lots of their people on the gravy train? Name one achievement. Just one.

      Thirdly, who has been voted out of power?

      Fourthly, the issue is Brexit that UKIP is carefully avoiding. When they get back to it, they will get our support.

      Fifthly, have the courage to give your name, you coward.