Friday, June 6, 2014

Well, that's that then

The Conservatives won Newark with a halved but comfortable majority on a turn-out of 53.79 per cent. UKIP well enough but did not produce that political earthquake they have been promising and Roger Helmer will have to stay in the Toy Parliament, not a prospect that worries him all that much, I imagine. The Lib-Dims have continued their tale of woe.

The Boss in his inimitable fashion points out something interesting that UKIP ought to ponder over:
The comparison is between Newark and Eastleigh. On a near identical turnout (52.79 – 52.8 percent), Helmer got 10,028 votes, taking a 25.9 percent share of the total. At Eastleigh in February 2013 – only just over a year ago, Diane James got 11,571 votes, taking 27.8 percent of the total.
Looking forward into the muddy mirror of future predictions, one can say that this is a hopeful sign for the Conservatives (as were the local and Euro elections). Their vote has held, they have won a by-election a year before the General when the turn-out will be even larger and the fact that UKIP has done reasonably well though it is a long way from nipping at their heels may well concentrate their minds in the months to come.

Can we now all get back to real work? Thank you.


  1. Here is something for your UKIP hating boss to ponder. UKIP halved the tory vote in what is one of the 50 safest tory seats in the country. If UKIP can do that in a really safe seat, what can they do in a marginal.

  2. And here is something for you to ponder over: if you cannot sign your comments you remain a coward and of precious little interest to anyone, setting aside the sheer stupidity of your comment.

  3. What a numpty. I can't be bothered to look at the results, but I bet the Tory majority was halved, not their number of votes.

    Anyhow you last comment begs the question, what is "real work". Obviously the objective is to get the United Kingdom (or whatever is left of it after the Scottish Referendum) out of the EU.

  4. Yes, indeed, Ian but obsessing about UKIP is an irrelevance or ought to be. Unfortunately, a great deal of harm is done by the party and its ever less sane supporters.