Monday, March 22, 2010

Are there no intelligent journalists on the Telegraph?

As the late, great Bernard Levin used to say: I ask only because I want to know. The Boss on EUReferendum has a particular dislike for a hackette by the name of Louise Gray (for instance, here) and I think I found another one to match, by the name of Tanya Gold, a lady whose professional career (see that link) does not exactly inspire one with confidence.

Actually, I saw Ms Gold at the UKIP Conference - she was wandering around looking for funny things to write about and she has produced an unbelievably fatuous piece that seems to have had very hostile reception if the comments are to go by.

Readers of the blog, if they can be bothered, will make up their own minds about the hackette's silly gush but there is one point that needs to be mentioned. I did hear the simpering Ms Gold ask Lord Pearson about UKIP having seven leaders in seventeen years and why that was. He dismissed the subject with an airy disclaimer: he has been a member for very few of those seventeen years and knew nothing about previous events.

This point crops up with monotonous regularity. Seven leaders in seventeen years - oh dear, shows this is not a serious party. So, let us see, how many leaders have the Conservatives had since 1993? Major, Hague, Duncan Smith, Howard and Cameron. Dear me, that makes five.

Five leaders in seventeen years is normal for a political party or, at least, nothing to worry about but seven is loony-tunes? What about six? Would that be, errm, half-way between?

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