Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hmm, let me think

We find from the news that the government has made another step towards abolishing the Royal Navy and opt out of the global fight against piracy and drug smuggling.

Then we have Georgie-Porgie announcing "an £800m increase to the government’s bank levy" purely because he thinks his Shadow, Ed Balls might accuse him of not being tough enough on bankers and because he thinks banks should not have big profits (nobody should have profits according to the Cleggeron socialists), while still hoping to negotiate some deal whereby those same banks will be forced to lend money to small and medium-sized businesses whether they are a good risk or not. (Are we allowed to whisper sub-prime mortgages?) As the British Bankers' Association pointed out, chopping and changing is not exactly the right way to ensure that Britain remains business-friendly. (Though, it is, as they don't say, just the ticket if all you are looking for is another headline.)

Then there is news that HMG will be demanding that universities should widen the social base of their intake if they want to be allowed to have top-up fees. They must limit the numbers they take from independent schools and lower admission criteria for pupils from what might be termed disadvantaged backgrounds. Of course, the obvious way of restoring the sort of social mobility this country had in the fifties and sixties is to restore the sort of schooling that was provided at the time. That, alas, does not appeal to our government of privately educated nit-wits. (This is being pointed out by the Daily Mail and its blogger Harry Phibbs but screaming abuse at universities and demanding that their standards should drop even more is a much easier option for politicians.)

All I can say is that I am very glad that we no longer have an interfering, big-state, socialist government that surrenders our armed forces to the EU. And that would be quite funny if it wer not so tragic for the country and its people.


  1. "All I can say is that I am very glad that we no longer have an interfering, big-state, socialist government"

    Helen, you do realise of course that it matters not when the Government has its boot on your throat whether that boot is of the left foot or the right?

    Of course you do - sorry, was just trying to underline your point!

  2. Um, irony. Same as goldy and silvery but it rusts. ;)))

  3. I almost wish they did want to abolish the Navy, at least that would imply that they'd thought about it and were following some sort of grand strategy. As it is they just havn't got an answer to the question "why do we need a Navy" and they're letting it wither away from neglect. The same is/will be true for the air force and the army (at least after they've been humiliated enough in Afghanistan).
    There is a bright spot to this though; when we finish handing over control of our armed forces to the EU, at least all they'll be getting is a worthless paper tiger. :)

  4. Unfortunately they will still have the next to unarmed British squadies & co to have massacred, unprepared in whatever squabble they get us into...