Thursday, November 22, 2012


It is past midnight here and time to wish happy Thanksgiving to all the American readers of this blog wherever they happen to be.

As before I am linking to the perennial articles in the Wall Street Journal, Nathaniel Morton's account of The Desolate Wilderness and the article that has appeared every year since 1961 to remind America what the festival is about: And the Fair Land.

Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. I thank you most sincerely for this post. I prowl around all over the "InterWeb" and so often end up annoyed, angry, disgruntled and God knows what. Then I come to your blog and my own mind is put back in order. This post of yours is a typical example.
    I know I am often an occassionally drunk and obstreperous poster on this and *other* sites but I do sincerely thank you for your blog.
    Best regards,

  2. p.s. I *nearly* abused you! I had over a dozen attempts at your "recognition thingy", typing what I saw, I failed *EVERY* time - *THEN* I tried the "listen to it" thingy! Is this an obscene joke aimed at I don't know who? Have you *ever* listened to it yourself? Deaf or blind people are advised not to click on that button! You might get upset!
    Anyhow! I still love your blog. A blog that remains *SENSIBLE* amidst the chaos of what can be found "out there".
    Please keep up the very good work, Doctor Helene.