Saturday, December 14, 2013

Is Albania coming in?

Well not for a long long time if the Dutch Parliament has anything to do with it.
The Dutch parliament has voted against a government proposal to grant Albania the status of EU candidate, preventing EU leaders from rubberstamping the proposal during a summit in Brussels on 19-20 December.

The Dutch parliament adopted yesterday (12 December) a decision which obliges the government of Prime Minister Mark Rutte to reject the European Commission proposal to give Albania EU candidate status.

The development is likely to inflict a heavy blow to the accession hopes of the Western Balkan nation, which according to the Commission has delivered on EU requirements and so should be granted the status of candidate country.
It would seem that the Dutch Parliament is also unhappy with Romania and Bulgaria becoming part of Schengen though the Commission (that has, on numerous occasions, withheld funds from those two countries because of widespread corruption) thinks that they have now fulfilled the necessary criteria.


  1. I have no difficulty with the intentions of what the Dutch parliament are trying to achieve here. However much like Blair and Cameron they fail to understand their own constitution when issuing statements.

    Blair often referred to HIS government as does Cameron. It isn't HIS at all, it's the Queens government that they had/have the pleasure to lead and so it is with the Dutch government when they opine 'government of Prime Minister Mark Rutt'. Fail.

  2. Good, I'm sure this effete gesture will stop even more Albanian gangs from entering Britain in future, just as Dutch intransigence has stopped 200,000 Roma from coming into this country too, many of them from Romania. Not.