Tuesday, January 14, 2014

No, this is not going to work

EUObserver is one of several media outlets with a story of the 95 Conservative MPs who have come up with another great whizz:
In the letter, made public on Sunday (12 January), 95 Conservatives (out of a total of 225) stated that the House of Commons should be able to block new EU legislation and repeal existing measures that threaten Britain's "national interests".

A national parliament veto power would allow the UK to "recover control over our borders, to lift EU burdens on business, to regain control over energy policy and to disapply the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights".
Dear Members of the House of Commons and others who think this is such a good idea. Please read the Consolidated Treaties and the various bits of legislation that have put those treaties into law in this country. We cannot do this. Unless the treaties are re-written for which we need an IGC and unanimity among the member states or come out of the EU, creating a completely different structure, Parliament cannot decide which parts of EU legislation it accepts. And that does not even deal with the Regulations and Decisions that are directly applicable and never hit Parliament at all.


  1. You are right about the pathetic, clueless, Tory MPs.

    However some change is possible without an IGC and a new treaty, because we have already witnessed such novel EZ/EU action to cope with the euro crisis.

  2. It would requite more than just one Parliament wanting to block legislation it does not like.

  3. Budgie,
    Extra legal arrangements which advance EU integration and/or "save the Union" can always be rushed through when necessary. It was totally against the treaties to make any member state responsible for the debts of another - but they did it.

    This sort of ruthless , instant action only works towards"ever closer union" - never in the opposite direction.