Thursday, May 22, 2014

Are we there yet?

The day of the most hysterically hyped unimportant election in living memory has dawned. It is all nearly over. We shall have the local election results tonight or tomorrow morning and the Euro results on Sunday evening when this blog will be open for business (as will EURef be, I expect).

The Boss and I have spoken this morning and agreed on many things (which is not, by any means, a given in the history of our working relationship). Above all, we are both pleased that this frenetic farce is coming to an end and serious work can be resumed. We also agree, unsurprisingly for those who read both blogs even casually, that UKIP and the media have managed to set back the eurosceptic cause by several years.

After years of hard work we managed to bring the discussion to a serious political level to lose it all in the space of a couple of month - thanks to UKIP and its allies in the media we are back to euroscepticism being equated with anti-immigration, xenophobia and racism. All else has disappeared. How the europhiliacs and the higher echelon of the political establishment must be laughing.


  1. Unfortunately for you Helen today you woke up under a Labour council; who knows what insanities they have planned for you.

    I agree with your points about UKIP. But I think you might be giving too much credit to the political establishment. I'm not sure they understand the issues as clearly as you do. They're on a run away train with no way of getting off, and no way of controlling the destination.

  2. Yes, indeed, the news in my own borough is very depressing, indeed. I can think of various reason why that happened and shall, eventually, blog about it. But I do not think one should ever underestimate the political establishment. Metaphorically speaking, the graveyards are full of people who did just that. UKIP, as it is now, is a wonderful gift to them and they are happy to use it.