Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Not altogether surprising

It seems that Swedish Democrats, Sweden's anti-immigrant party is set for serious gains in the coming elections. As usual, it is hard to work out exactly where the party stands in political terms as its policies are a mixture of many different ideas but, broadly speaking, they appear to be social conservatives and in favour of promoting Swedish culture as against multi-culturalism. They have also voiced the far from controversial opinion that not all immigrants are anxious to become part of Swedish society.

They have two seats in the European Parliament, which amounts to nothing very much but they may well come third in the Swedish Parliament despite (or perhaps because being banned from union posts and from participating in Stockholm's Gay Pride, whose support for communities that wish to ban them and, if possible, execute them, seems unbounded).


  1. If the recent polls are not badly wrong, it seems certain that the Swedish Democrats will hold the balance of power in the next parliament. Given that none of the other parties will (or so they say now) cooperate with SD we are in for either a large right-left coalition ad modum Germany, or one or many weak minority governments before the people prematurely are called to the urns again.


    1. Thanks, Mikgen. Always good to hear from the country itself.