Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Dear Remainers,

I shall not ask  you to stop whining because it is clearly impossible. As before, I am not talking about the majority of those who voted Remain but the very vocal minority. Let me just deal with two points  in this open letter, which I hope will be my last posting on the hysteria of the losers.

First, the Celtic fringe, about which an e-mail came my way from Anthony Coughlan, the leader for many years of the eurosceptic movement in Ireland. (Oh yes, there is one and it is not powerless. But Ireland is a small country and was twice bullied into second referendums after voting the "wrong" way.) Anthony is a good friend of many years' standing but even if he were not I would point out that he can hardly be described as a know-nothing troglodyte by anyone who looks at his career.

This is what he wrote among other matters:
An important point to note is that it is the ‘Leave’ vote in Scotland and Northern Ireland that is going to bring the UK as a whole out of the EU. This is because the combined ‘Leave’ vote in these two regions – namely 1,367,764 – is greater than the majority for ‘Brexit’ in the UK as a whole, which was 1,269,501, by 98,263 votes. So democrats in the UK as a whole should be grateful to the ‘Celtic Fringe’ for voting them out of the EU!
Let me add that in London 1,513,232 votes were cast to Leave, which was also not inconsiderable, on a 69.8% turn-out.

A more important point is the one about level or not level playing field. We hear a great deal of whining about the playing field not being level because some of the information given out by the Leave campaign was misleading. Not half as misleading as information given out as part of Project Fear by the BSE campaign but let us not worry about that for the moment. Let us look at two moments: the propaganda leaflet sent out by the government on the Remain side to every household, which was full of very misleading information and the Treasury report that was easily torn apart by a number of highly regarded economists.

Apart from what was in these documents, let us consider where they originated: the government and the Treasury, neither of whom should have been taking part in the campaign as they are not allowed to take part in elections and both using large amounts of taxpayers' money beyond what was allocated to the BSE organization. Indeed, yes, there was no level playing field but not quite in the way you mean, dear Remainers.

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