Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blogging later

Going to Oxford today and with no laptop I shall not be able to blog till late tonight or, maybe, tomorrow.

In the meantime, let me apologize once again about the Comments. There seems to be a real problem there. This morning I couldn't even read them. I have put enquiries into place and shall know whether it is something to do with the site or a general problem with Blogger comments that I can do nothing about.

Also, let me remind readers that this afternoon MPs will be debating what sounds a lovely idea - that agreement made by all the party leaders (always suspicious) about controlling their expenses. In actual fact, as mentioned before, what is being proposed is the creation of a quango that will control the House of Commons. No, of course, it will not be accountable to anybody.

Gordon Brown seems to have excelled himself in his ability to make nauseating self-serving statements. By referring to a "gentlemen's club" he has tried to suggest that this is all a matter of class - "real people" would not behave like that. Except that they all did. Gentlemanliness does not come into it; we are talking about politicians with their snouts in the trough.

Secondly, Mr Brown and other MPs who have been bloviating on the subject are wrong to think that this is what has brought politics and Parliament into disrepute and once there is a quango to control matters all will be well.

What has brought them all into disrepute is their refusal to admit that they have given away their legislative powers to the EU and to various quangos (another one is not likely to solve anything) and their inability to do the little work that has been left to them. Deal with that, ladies and gentlemen.

My colleague has a longer piece on the subject over on EUReferendum with a nice picture. He is praising Dan Hannan. Roll up and read it - this will not last.

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