Sunday, May 17, 2009


I have had a number of complaints from people who find it hard, not to mention impossible to leave comments on the postings. I cannot understand why that should be so. I have now changed the format so anyone can leave a comment; there is even an Anonymous subsection though I would prefer it if people signed their comments.

One problem I have noted and I shall try to address it - sometimes it takes two goes to post a comment. One writes and responds to the request for writing the random letters; then there is a response that says the comment could not be posted. Please do not despair. Press finish again, fill in the random letters again and post again. It works. I know this is a drag but it does provide an extra defence against spam.

I am looking forward to the comments.


  1. Good, I am glad you changed the system because it was becoming rather annoying not being able to comment without having to sign up to some new service.

  2. No comment (ed: is this enough?)

  3. Firefox on an apple - working fine

  4. it does, but still is a 4-step operation. Shouldn't it recognize a commenter after the first approval?
    Wordpress does, and I find it respectful and polite towards the visitors of my blog.

  5. Errm, I shall discuss this with somebody who understands the techie side better than I do. :(