Saturday, October 31, 2009

For those who do not know ...

... where the quote comes from and for those who do but are happy to drool over the debonair Captain Louis Renault as played by Claude Rains, here it is. Captain Renault is shocked, shocked to discover that gambling goes on at Rick's, where everybody goes.

Has anyone ever wondered how Ilse (Ingrid Berman) managed to carry that fantastically elegant and varied wardrobe while running for her life through Nazi occupied Europe? The hat boxes alone would have alerted the Gestapo.


  1. Claude Rains rocks!

    And don't make snidey comments about Bergman's character, or we might have to round you up as one of the usual suspects.

  2. Twice the usual number if Major Strasser decides to visit. I was merely enquiring about her wardrobe. ;)