Saturday, October 3, 2009

Up in the air

The Irish polls closed some hours ago but counting will start tomorrow at 9. Results expected in the afternoon. I shall try to do some semi-live blogging as Saturdays tend to be quite busy but the Boss will be on the job from about 10 o'clock.

In the meantime, the BBC is being cautious, pointing out that there were no exit polls during the day and turn-out is variable but on the low side. The yes side is cautiously suggesting that they might have won.

RTE is also cautious though they think the turn-out in many parts may have been better than last time. It might be even better next time if the Irish are forced into a third referendum. In the end, it will be around 90 per cent.

They mention a Fine Gael exit poll that shows the yes side ahead by 60 per cent to 40 per cent but remain strangely reluctant to endorse it.

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