Monday, February 28, 2011

Yah-boo, I told you so - part 2

Readers of this blog know that I rarely link to the clog (corporate blog) run by MEP, all-purpose Conservative interference runner and Telegraph writer Daniel Hannan but this one might be worth reading if to watch Mr Hannan trying to wriggle away from the facts of his leader's comments on Al-Jazeera about Britain, the EU and that referendum.

Mr Cameron apparently declared:
I don't believe an In/Out referendum is right, because I don't believe that leaving the European Union would be in Britain's interests'.
As it happens I agree with Mr Hannan (hah, didn't expect me to say that, did you?) that it is a little premature to try to guess what the outcome of such a referendum would be. Given that the eurosceptic movement in this country is in a permanent disarray and given that money is spent on pointless campaigns instead of useful things like the spread of accurate information, I would say the result of a putative in/out referendum is seriously in doubt. But that is not the point.

What matters is that Mr Cameron thinks that it might not go the way he wants it so he won't have it. The secondary point is that he does not believe that leaving the European Union is in Britain's interests. Well, yah-boo, told you so. From the moment Mr Cameron became the Boy-King of the Conservative Party the Boss and I have been saying the same thing: he is a big-statist, corporatist europhiliac.

Of course, this statement will lead to a mass exodus of so-called eurosceptics from the Conservative Party, particularly those who told us last year that a vote for their party was a vote for a solution of the intractable "European" problem. The exodus will be led by Daniel Hannan MEP etc etc.

Hmm. Is that a piglet I see flying by?


  1. It will be a full squadron of pigs I would imagine.

  2. "I don't believe an In/Out referendum is right, because I don't believe that leaving the European Union would be in Britain's interests'.
    If Cameron is true to form, expect a snap referendum soon.

  3. Well said Helen - have linked.

  4. Thank you Wittering.

    Graham, no I don't think so. You haven't quite worked his form out. There will be no referendum on the EU under this government.

  5. It's getting on for the second anniversary of his first saying this.

    In June 2009, just before the MEP elections, he said that he could not foresee circumstances in which he would want to call a referendum on Britain remaining in the EU. He said, "If I thought that being a member of the EU was against the national interest, I would argue for us to come out, but I don't."

    It's all in here (warning – plug follows): (a 4MB pdf)

  6. Thanks for that reminder Clarence. You are absolutely right - he has been quite consistent in this and more fools those who did not heed.