Tuesday, April 21, 2009

All this fuss ...

... about MPs having 12 weeks off in the summer. As if it mattered. They don't exactly legislate any more. All those laws, rules and regulations will come through, thanks to the real government in Brussels and the various quangos.

So the MPs might just as well take 52 weeks off, as long as the pay is commensurate with their appearance in Parliament.


  1. Are they having paid vacation for 12 weeks?

  2. Oh naturally. Their salary and expenses stay the same no matter how much time they spend or don't spend in the House.

  3. I read somewhere that when Venetians were selecting their Doge, one of the criteria was his wealth and ability to support himself and his office, since official compensation was very low.

    Would MPs of today be able to support themselves w/o the salary they receive from teh public they are supposedly serving?

  4. No, not since they have been paid and been able to claim expenses. There are a number of us who think we should go back to MPs being unpaid or paid only expenses on the days they turn up, like the peers.