Thursday, April 16, 2009

More about the blog

As the few readers who may have strayed on this blog can see, it is a project in the making. Specifically, I have asked someone who knows a great deal about such matters to turn the site into something more attractive and readable.

In the meantime, here are a few ideas of what is intended for this site. It will be a mixture of short postings, sometimes little more than links to interesting stories and longer pieces on subjects that, in my opinion, need to be aired.

I shall put up pictures and even videos when I think they are important, add something to the story or constitute the story themselves. Otherwise, it will be text only. I have come to the conclusion that irrelevant illustration adds little to a posting.

The intention is to have stories, fully credited, from other people as well on subjects they know better than I do. The policy on pictures and videos will apply to those postings.

I am keeping comments open for anyone who wishes to participate in a rational discussion. Usual rules will apply: no libel, racism or anti-semitism (though criticism of Israel's government or politicians or various people do not count as anti-semitism); if you dish it out be prepared to take it - I have no sympathy with people who think they can attack and insult anyone but cry foul if they get attacked in return; and, finally, I shall be completely ruthless in deleting comments if I decide that rules have been broken.

That's that, for the moment. Watch, as they say, this space.

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  1. To anyone else having problems, I cannot leave comments using Firefox and Linux, but can using Opera and the same Linux system. I know not why.