Thursday, May 14, 2009

More on Marta Andreasen

I have now finished the book, which is very short, thus leaving people with no excuses. It is a tale of a person who started off meaning well and being basically favourable to the EU and to the whole concept of public sector. The book shows her progression to somebody who cannot believe that the EU is reformable and is now standing for the European Parliament for UKIP in the South-East Region.

As she says at the end of "Brussels Laid Bare":
With this experience in mind I have decided to stand as a UK Independence Party candidate for the European Parliament in the June 2009 elections. If elected I will join the Budgetary Control Committee and challenge each and every one of the numbers in the EU accounts. If elected, I will go to Brussels and find out how the British people's money is being spent and I will come back and tell them the truth.

I know where the bodies are buried.
She sure does. Is that the reason why is, somewhat illogically, concentrating its British campaign on UKIP, attacking a party that has very different ideas from itself? Potential UKIP voters are unlikely to change to, whereas potential Conservative ones might if they really believe in that bilge about reforming the European Union.

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