Thursday, May 14, 2009

What Parliament needs

On ToryBoy blog Tim Montgomerie points out that Parliament (I think he means the House of Commons but it is a common mistake) needs more MPs like Douglas Carswell. He is probably right. Douglas shows commendable independence and strength of character, consistently attacking Speaker Martin (not just when that becomes fashionable) for not doing his job and being a government stooge; speaking his mind on various issues; and joining the Better Off Out campaign. Not that it is particularly clear what the latter will achieve.

There are, of course, similar people in the House of Lords but they do not receive handsome renumeration.

This is not a criticism of Mr Carswell. My only point is that the House of Commons (or Parliament in Tory parlance) needs to learn what its purpose and history is. Therefore, every single one of them together with all the wannabes should be sent on a month's intensive history course. For reasonable remuneration I am willing to provide it.

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