Friday, July 17, 2009

Always good to see ...

... a rational analysis by an American blog of politics in some European countries. Not European politics, because that is a completely separate issue and has to do with the European Union. In fact, as I have tried to explain to my friends from across the Pond, there really is no such thing as European politics.

It is natural for people to image, that is to see other countries' politics as a mirror image of their own. Many do it here about American politics and get things badly wrong; many do it in America about politics in Europe and get it badly wrong.

For example the row between Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch and Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs that went on and on about parties like Vlaam Belang left me cold. American commentators, I opined, should leave European political parties alone.

However, I now amend that opinion. Here is an excellent analysis of the real fascism in European countries by Paul Mirengoff of Powerline. Possibly, it is a warning for his American colleagues not to rush into judgement on the basis of completely erroneous analysis that the MSM tends to produce (a warning we should take to heart as far as American politics is concerned). But it is well worth reading.

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