Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Forty years ago

Neil Armstrong was the first man to step on the Moon at 2.56 am GMT on July 21, 1969. Here is that well-known video of the small step for man and giant step for mankind.

So far, none of those steps have led to anything much and the debate is raging (at least over on the other side of the Pond) about the usefulness of the Moon landing. But I recall the excitement at the time and the sense that we have achieved something spectacular.

Of course, there are the moonbats who consider that it was all a hoax, set up in some laboratory or studio or whatever. One wonders whether those people ever acknowledge any reality at all. Here is a wonderful video of Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the Moon dealing with one such idiot. Enjoy.



    You don't call an officer and astronaut a coward - something that moonbat knows now! Talking of moonbats have you seen this video with the oh so wise political commentator Whoppi Goldberg? And these people call those who would like to see Obama's long form birth certificate tin-foil hats!!

  2. Why anyone should even consider listening to Whoppi Goldberg is a mystery to me. No doubt they are the same people who tell us with curling lips that Reagan was just a B-feature movie actor.

    As for that birth certificate, I think the best way of handling the issue is by bringing it up ever so casually from time to time. Not too often and not as if it mattered but a little reminder does not harm. As well as a reminder of us not knowing anything about President O's academic record, work record etc etc. Just saying. ;)

  3. Great clips thanks.
    (Are you sure that Aldrin punch wasn't set up in a studio?)

  4. I suspect they embrace the reality of global warming, obamas hope and cringe and unicorns having several horns! This is a real man, decking some young twat for the very best reason. What I want to see is the suprised look when the berk finds out what should and will happen if you impune the honour of someone who has it in spades.