Sunday, November 29, 2009

Well put

Iceland's Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries, Jón Bjarnason, said at an international conference on coastal fisheries at Biarritz:
Iceland is a small island situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with just over 300 thousand inhabitants. The foundation of our livelyhood lies in our natural resources; we must maintain sovereignty over our most valued assets, our economy, our culture and our future generations are depending on it. We can enjoy wide-ranging international cooperation without being tied up in the EU framework.

Given these circumstances, it is my firm belief that the future of our country is will be much better off outside European Union than inside.
It would be impertinent to add anything to that.


  1. If only Brown or Cameron would defend British interests like that.

  2. What the special one said.

  3. "It would be impertinent to add anything to that. "

    Except to add that the exact same comments apply to the UK.