Saturday, December 18, 2010

Couldn't agree more

Joel Leyden is ... well, he explains in this article what he is. More important is what he thinks and he understand something important - Israel (and that, mutatis mutandis, applies to the West in general) is fighting two wars as this blog and EUReferendum have pointed out over and over again. (Too many times to link.) There is the bang-bang shooting war and there is the propaganda war, though Mr Leyden calls it PR war.
Who's winning the PR war?

Well before we can answer that question, is it really a war?
According to the Palestinians, they are only throwing rocks at Israel tanks.

Their public relations machine is working. And working very effectively.
And most of the world public has bought it hook, line and sinker. As Palestinian terrorists attack Israeli tanks with missiles, rockets and automatic gunfire, the world witnesses Palestinian children throwing rocks!

As Palestinian terrorists pump bullets into pregnant Jewish mothers and execute Jewish babies we only see Reuters, AP and AFP images of injured Palestinian children.

Who's winning the public relations war? Syria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Hamas, Iran, Jihadists and the Palestinians.

We are engaged in two wars - a bloody, sweaty battle of bullets and a real-time digital media war of words.

We are losing both fronts because Israel's governmental public relations and public affairs machine is weak and ineffective.

The PR war defines public opinion, public opinion decides governmental policy and that policy decides who wins. Ultimately, public relations will decide Israel's future security. It's stature as a democracy, its economic health and its very borders.
I am, needless to say, delighted that somebody is paying attention. Maybe next time Israel's PR will be better and faster; maybe their various official organizations will give those of us who see them as allies all the help we need.

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