Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh yes?

Tim Montgomerie and other supporters of the Tory part of the Cleggeron Coalition are getting very excited about a new Bill that will "give power back to the people". This is known as the Localism Bill, which will "let councils and communities run their own affairs". The first thing I should like to point out is that councils and communities are not the same thing and the difference between a bunch of politicians in County Hall and a bunch of politicians in Westminster is minuscule. In fact, the main difference is that, by and large, local politics is more corrupt.

The second question is the inevitable one: will this Bill empower local councils or, for that matter, communities to ignore or reject EU regulations if they are deemed to be inappropriate and the people agree?



    But won't all this just be a 'back-door' wayn too introduce the EU Inter-Regional aspirations, e.g. the Trans-Manche area, etc ?
    Why bother with national parliaments when local (corrupt, greedy) councillors can do your bidding for you.

  2. Perhaps UDI from Yorkshire