Sunday, April 17, 2011

Results of the Finnish election

According to this article,
Finnish voters dealt a blow Sunday to Europe's plans to rescue Portugal and other debt-ridden economies, ousting the pro-bailout government and giving a major boost to a euroskeptic nationalist party.
This, one must admit, is only partly true.
With all ballots counted, the biggest vote-winner was the conservative National Coalition Party, part of the outgoing center-right government and a strong advocate for European integration.

But its main ally, the Center Party led by Prime Minister Mari Kiviniemi, said it would drop out of the government after falling behind two opposition parties that have challenged eurozone bailouts.
According to the preliminary results, which will have to be confirmed by the electoral committees:
The conservatives won 20 percent of the vote for 44 seats in the 200-member Parliament, two more than the Social Democrats. The True Finns, led by the plain-talking Timo Soini, soared from six to 39 seats.
It would appear, that the bail-out was more of an issue than immigration with the entire establishment pleading with the Finnish voters to cast their vote for the parties that supported it. The pleas do not seem to have worked well enough.

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