Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Van Rompuy lives in a parallel universe

That is news in the way dog bites man, gardener digs soil and supermodel takes drugs is news. Not at all, in other words. I do think, however, that Rumpy-Pumpy, as he is know not so affectionately, has surpassed himself this time.

According to a report on EUObserver the misguided Council President announced to the assembled members of the Toy Parliament (well, those who were no away on some jolly or other) that the Libyan enterprise was entirely the doing of the EU.

Apparently, it was all a huge success, a massive bloodbath has been avoided and the action taken by "British, French and UK strikes", which must be a misprint for British, French and US strikes, most of which were US, would not have been possible "without the "clear position" taken on Libya at an EU summit one week earlier". Indeed. I mean what could be more important than a clear position that affects nobody but two member states and the Big Guy over the Pond?

Others, of course, have taken a slightly different position and either stated or bemoaned the fact that the Common Foreign Policy has once again gone AWOL. He doesn't seem to have answered the question of what is going to happen after the Americans have gone home. The EU will rush in there and help somebody or other?


  1. I suspect the British and French elites would love for "our" endeavor to become the common foreign policy. After all that is the entire point of the EU from their perspective. It will be quite interesting to see if Germany and those EU nations that are traditionally neutral will fall into line. If they don't it will be also be interesting to see how our British and French elites react to being reined in.

  2. The Germans refused to take part in the Libyan adventure. So they have not fallen into line.

  3. True, but when has the EU ever accepted a single "no" as an answer?

  4. When it comes from Germany. Besides that no was in the UN as well.