Monday, November 7, 2011

Berlusconi, too, is hanging on

As Al-Jazeera says,
Silvio Berlusconi, Italy's prime minister, has rejected reports that he is on the brink of resigning from office on the eve of a crucial vote that could anyway bring down his government and effectively end the media tycoon's turbulent political career.

In a comment posted on his Facebook page on Monday, Berlusconi said rumours reported in the Italian media that he was close to quitting were "baseless".

Two journalists close to Berlusconi earlier said they believed he would resign within hours, with his centre-right coalition on the brink of collapse ahead of a crucial public finance vote on Tuesday.
Hah! Much those journalists knew. I reckon we can say a domani. In the meantime (I keep saying that, but the whole crisis has been a long sequence of "in the meantimes") here is a reasonably good analysis of the Italian situation in the Economist.


  1. Helen
    i thought it was clear that media was not to be trusted. so why you make an exception for berlusconi?

    all you know about berlusconi comes from media, which, as you should know, obtain its information by other media or agencies.
    be aware of the fact that more or less all you read about B is BS coming direct from the propaganda bureau of the italian communist party, which controls, on top of the media, the italian judiciary.
    they use the usual ld trickery. some italian media outlet spread some lies, which are prompty relaunched by some agency or foregin media, which is the used by the italian media outlet to confirm it. old tricks, that however still seem to work even with people who should know better.

  2. Ahem, gianmarko, what made you think I trusted Berlusconi? If that is the impression you got from my postings I have clearly failed somewhere.