Sunday, November 13, 2011

Only Theresa May remains

Even Berlusconi has finally departed. Mind you, I don't think this is for good. I simply cannot believe that someone like that can be kept down for very long. And on the other side of the Pond we have the comeback kid, Newt Gingrich, once again being talked of seriously as a contender. Undoubtedly, the Obama machine will go into overdrive on Gingrich's private life, telling lies if necessary, but when it comes to real debates, there is no beating Newt. Suddenly the presidential election is beginning to look even more interesting.


  1. Welcome back home. I don't often say much but I enjoy reading you and think your writings are exceeding good.

    Poor old Newt. Like the rest of the GOP he will never get a fair crack of the whip from the MSM. Just as over here the BBC is a heavy burden for all "right wing" parties to bear, and just wait until Mark Mardell gets Newt in his sights. (Again.)

    Naughtie & Humphries are always right and the Republican Party and Tories are always wrong. QED.

    It never used to be this way, you know, when I was young things were entirely different. The news actually used to be the news, broadcast without fear or favour and never swinging Left or Right.

    Listen to Alvar Liddell reading the news of a POW escape.

    Do you think the BBC then went on to ask why isn't the Home Secretary getting the sack over this?

    Yes I know, questions *should* be asked, but these days, why is the BBC now the Public Prosecutor of government ministers?

  2. I have no problems with the media being public prosecutor of politicians. In fact, my gripe with the British media and the BBC in particular is that they are too close to the political world of a certain kind.

    I never know whether the media was better or whether we simply knew less as there were no other options. I do recall the media being utterly ghastly here as well as the States over Vietnam, for instance, less than totally reliable over the Communist threat and completely unreliable on Thatcher. As Richard North's book on the real Battle of Britain will show, there were problems during the war and not just because you cannot broadcast everything when the country is fighting for its existence. So, let us just be thankful that we do have options nowadays.

    I have always thought that the Obama election was the MSM's last hurrah at being the one and only gatekeeper of information and they certainly made the most of it. It will be different from now on, I said at the time. Let us hope I am right. :)