Friday, December 30, 2011

Never did I think ....

... that I would have to say this but the Boss at EUReferendum is showing signs of being far too charitable and to no less a person than Daniel Hannan, clogger extraordinaire and the man who thinks he can run with the hares and hunt with the hounds indefiinitely.

In a very measured piece, which is for some reason dated with tomorrow's date (they must be in a different time-zone in Bradford) the Boss takes apart young Hannan's latest piece. It is, indeed, full of mistakes and misjudgements none of which I need to point out as it has been done already.

What is so interesting is the growing realization among the various dead-tree media chatterati that, perhaps, not all is well with that phantom veto of a non-existent treaty. It seems that The Sun is uneasy on the subject as well. Of course, none of this is news to those of us who have been following events slightly more closely than the average hack but the development is interesting.


  1. The Clegg agrees with it. Say no more.

  2. This banging on about whether it was or was not a veto is so much wasted energy. Most know it was not a veto in the true sense but are prepared to overlook that fact as what he did whether is strategy was right or wrong was to be seen to be standing up for British interests. What started out as something that was meant to achieve a goal but in reality did not on first analysis may in the long run actually achieve a great deal. By his actions Cameron has set in motion a policy that he has not much control over. The British people want radical change in the UK's dealings with the EU and Cameron whether he likes it or not must go along with that sentiment or he will loose all credibility and will destroy not only himself but his party.

  3. As it happens, Antisthenes, Cameron has set nothing into motion. Certainly not any policy and if the British people want radical changes in the UK's dealings with the EU (of which we are members, remember) then the British people continue to be deluded, which is very dangerous. What exactly is Cameron going to do to go along with whatever sentiment you think may have been displayed by the fatuousness with which that veto was greeted?

  4. It is curious how even the Hannans of the world place their faith -- or are at the ready to place it -- in behalf of 'The Boy' and other politicians. Sadly, it is not only at Christmastime that people await their Messiah.