Monday, December 5, 2011

Respectable? Moi?

I missed the fact that no less a person than Gavyn Davies said in the Financial Times
It has suddenly become respectable to ask the question: what would happen if the euro broke up?
Dear me. Does this mean we are all becoming respectable? Not sure how I feel about that.


  1. I doubt you need to concern yourself, you asked the right questions far too early. This is more than enough to guarantee your reputation as heretic, even if everyone now agrees with you. Not that they would ever willingly acknowledge that of course! I suspect that if pushed they would claim to have have altered their opinions because the facts have changed, where-as you were correct merely by lucky coincidence. :P

  2. Why, thank you AKM. Actually, I have been called a heretic by no less a person than Sir Samuel Brittan. He reviewed the book Bill Jamieson and I wrote about EU enlargement before it happened, saying it was a very bad idea for all concerned, including and especially the East Europeans. Mr Brittan as he then was called it a very attractive heresy but not one he would yield to. A badge of honour, methinks.