Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Worth a re-read ...

... even though I say so myself. A friend on another thread reminded me of Captain Euro. Ah the memories. So I went back to my two postings on the subject, first in 2007 on my erstwhile blogging home, EUReferendum, then on this blog in 2010. I have just re-read them and found that they are still relevant. Holy Smoke!

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  1. Indoctrination in the ideology of environmentalism begins early in schools. A neighbour had his young grandson of primary school age on a visit.

    He noticed that the lad was looking in his dustbins.
    "Why are you doing that?" he asked
    "To see that you are recycling"
    "Because if we don't, we will spoil the planet".
    "But what if I wasn't?"
    "Then I must tell teacher".
    They are not a churchgoing family but the boy could well get the same message, if he went to Sunday school.
    The Church of England has a campaign devoted to "Climate Justice"! - Bad, selfish, energy-guzzling, western capitalists and consumers have spoiled the climate for energy-thrifty Third World people and must be made to mend their ways and compensate their victims.