Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Maybe it is worth it

Keen observers of the blogosphere would have noted that I have not been posting on this blog for some days. While I do not aspire to the stupendous productivity of my erstwhile Boss, he of EUReferendum, this has been a longish gap at a time when I have been in London and not in the hands of the NHS.

One reason is that I have been doing other work: articles and postings on the Conservative History Journal Blog and on Fisheries - Truth and Fiction. But this is supposed to be my main blog. Right? Well, yes, right, in every sense of the word. And the time has come for me to ask myself whether there is any point in running this rather shambolic blog, which is largely though not exclusively political. Do I even care about politics nowadays? Certainly not about British politics in which the main stories have been Nick Clegg throwing his toys out of the pram (again), hacks speculating about Boris Johnson taking over the Conservative Party (you know the silly season is upon us) and the wretched Louise Mensch fulfilling everybody's prediction and abandoning her less than promising political career having learnt nothing about constitutional rules and customary practices. (I feel better for having got that off my chest.)

There is always the EU though I have more or less given up on trying to explain the reality about it to anyone in Britain. No, we are not going to get out but it will probably implode while we are still discussing how to reform it or to have a different relationship with it and calling for a referendum. (No, that does not make me feel better.)

Then there are other matters: Russia, American politics, propaganda. the lack of truth being spoken about Communism, the Middle East and so on. Is there really any point in blogging about any of it and what would that achieve beyond occasionally making me feel that I have done something useful and that feeling has not really been part of my blogging life for quite a long time.

Maybe I should abandon all those subjects and blog exclusively about the books I read, films I see and other suchlike highfalutin' matter. But who would want to read that?

So there we are, dear reader. These are the thoughts that have been revolving in my head for the last few weeks without bothering to consult anyone. My conclusions? Temporarily I have decided that maybe it is worth it as long as I keep a wary eye on my writing and see some point to it all. To be reconsidered at a future date.

ADDENDUM: If anyone is truly bored with the Olympics, they can listen to the somewhat unbalanced debate on whether Britain should stay in the European Union, recorded at the LSE some little while ago and broadcast on Radio 4 this evening. There will be some familiar names.


  1. Please don't stop. There are very few blogs around that tell us the reality. I always look out for your posts.

  2. Don't you dare stop, Helen. I can but echo the words of Sue above - you are most definitely a must read, whatever the subject!

  3. Yes, Helen, do keep writing. My feed reader would be a less enlightened place without your occasional words of wisdom.

    Forget quantity, it's the quality of your writing that keeps bringing everyone back here. I know Richard may write 24/7 but he's powered by pig hearts, which makes him a special case.

  4. I agree, we would all miss your posts and you clear thinking. It would be a great loss if you ended it all.

  5. Don't stop Helen Pleeeeease! I just love your writing.
    Rod The Brit

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  7. There is a place for a blog that focuses on your freedom and ours as freedom is under a daily threat and is being destroyed tiny cut by tiny cut. Maybe it is worth deciding whether you want to write a personal blog or one devoted to the threats to our freedom? [typo corrected]

  8. Please put aside this silly seasons musings and keep doing it, I am with all the above comments, my roam through the blog-o-sphere would be lot poorer without your input.


  9. Your blog is one of very few worth reading for its deep insight and lucid analyses, please keep writing. It helps me get through the week knowing that I can get a boost from your thoughts

  10. Dear Helen,

    Please continue your thoughtful blog. I agree with all the above comments. I enjoy reading your blog and get a great viewpoint from you. Greetings and encouragement from across the pond!