Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Robert Hughes 1938 - 2012 RIP

Once upon a time I had a television set and even watched a few programmes. Among them one of the most notable series was The Shock of the New written and narrated by Robert Hughes, who knew an incredible amount about modern art and seemed to like very little of it post Cezanne, an opinion I have to agree with. Nobody who could be as rude about Jeff Koons as Hughes was can be dismissed or treated with anything but profound respect.

The book that came from the series was excellent though heavier going and there were various other publications, most notably, as Nick Cohen notes, Culture of Complaint and varied books on art as well as one on the early history of Australia.

His involvement in Australian politics was not exactly successful and was, indeed, an indication of thinking that was sloppier than one would expect from his other work. Also, I have just found out that the son of his first marriage was named Danton. Hmm.

Here is an excellent obituary in the Boston Globe.

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