Friday, January 18, 2013

Am I surprised?

The BBC gives us some extracts from the postponed speech. Yes, THAT speech.
Extracts from Mr Cameron's speech released on Thursday night reveal he had intended to set out a "positive vision for the future of the European Union. A future in which Britain wants, and should want, to play a committed and active part".
Gosh! Not a positive vision. I was fully expecting him to give us a negative one. (Sorry, that is a bit lame but what can you expect?)
He planned to stress the EU's structures were undergoing "fundamental change", adding: "There is a gap between the EU and its citizens which has grown dramatically in recent years and which represents a lack of democratic accountability and consent that is - yes - felt particularly acutely in Britain."
I seem to recall that being the reason for the Laaken Convention, which resulted in the Constitution for Europe.
"If we don't address these challenges, the danger is that Europe will fail and the British people will drift towards the exit," he was to say.
"I do not want that to happen. I want the European Union to be a success and I want a relationship between Britain and the EU that keeps us in it."
Maybe that speech is not worth making.

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