Friday, January 18, 2013


Here is a developed country with a long history of imperial expansion and subsequent intervention in other countries, particularly if they are politically and militarily weaker using the excuse of some terrorist organization to go into a poorer country that might conceivably useful from the point of view of oil production. No UN vote to authorize them. No proof presented that the terrorist organization offers a direct threat to the developed country. No care taken about the possible spread of hostilities and destabilization of other countries, which promptly hapens. This is known as old-fashioned gunboat diplomacy. Surely we have moved beyond it? The EU, for example, does not believe in such actions but prefers soft power and negotiations. The EU is about to raise the issue in the UN and through various media outlets with France as the lead protester.

Uh, hang on. This is France we are talking about and the EU is fully supportive of its action in Mali with the UK and the USA providing logistical support and Germany mulling over similar actions. Well, well. And the media are apparently very happy with it, though clearly the military action is going to be longer and harder with greater costs than envisaged and equally clearly the destabilization and terrorist actions promised over Iraq are actually happening over Mali.

Now what?


  1. Good post, but un petit correction. The Iraq oil war has been won - recent destabilisation strategy was aimed at Syria, with a view to knocking out oil-rich Iran's only ally prior to the BP/Total/Exxon invasion.

  2. I was talking about the predictions of how the invasion of Iraq would destabilize the area. Didn't happen though we have to wait and see. The Mali expedition, on the other hand, seems to be bad news all round.

  3. Spot on Helen!

    What France does is always très bon, what the US does is always wrong, at least according to our media glitterati.

    I guess you've read what Diplomad has to say about the Mali/Algeria/Libya situation.


  4. Thanks Mikgen. I am so glad Diplomad is back.

  5. Didnt the US have to bale out the French when they last tried this stunt? just look at the vast cost in disruption and lives that cost!