Sunday, April 14, 2013

Absolutely hilarious

And now for the true socialist view of Margaret Thatcher's career: no, not Glenda Jackson or the ridiculous UK Uncut or some idiotic drama teacher from south-west London but the real McCoy, the Chinese view though it is not clear how official this is.

Here is a sample:
Thatcher grew up in a classical English petty-bourgeois family. Her father owned two grocery shops in Grantham. He preached the word of God, was staunchly patriotic, and became the town’s Mayor from 1945-6. His self-confidence derived from selecting food that commanded a good price and turned a good profit. His daughter, Margaret, also formed her intellectual outlook around the petty proprietor’s fetish for the magical qualities of prices.
Read the whole piece. It will cheer you up.


  1. They're right in the third paragraph about the aristocracy. After that I kept falling off my barstool.

  2. Lovely - she was barking vitriol and having hallucinations against a background of barrow-boys elbowing toffs, and workers bowing to their betters.

    Deepening her voice to gobble up her male colleagues had me in stitches.

  3. ...apart from the arthritic expressions that do indeed cheer, there is something strangely touching about it as well. With (almost) every barb there is a compliment in a slanting light.

  4. The funny thing is that the author seems to know more or less what really happened and that produces certain contradictions in the account.