Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Business for Britain

I first heard about plans to set up this organization a couple of weeks ago. It will be, if all goes according to plan, the first of three: one for business, one for general campaigning and one for turning the Labour Party towards supporting a referendum. Or so I understood at the time. I also understood that the plan was to have a business organization that would try to persuade the various businesses, large and small, but mostly large as that is where the money is, to start thinking about withdrawing and then negotiating new links.

Clearly, I misunderstood or was given the wrong information. The new organization, Business for Britain, turns out to be same old, same old.
Hundreds of business leaders have formed a new lobby group Business for Britain to press the government to renegotiate the UK's deal with the EU.
Well, that should be quite easy. Just call up the Porcine Air Force and they will sort it for you. The Boss on EURef has covered the story in somewhat more pungent terms. I may not go as far as he does (I rarely do) but I would like to ask a question: given that renegotiation of terms is, so far as we know, still the Conservative Party's policy, what is the point of having a lobbying group to push it?

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  1. Quite. Not just porcine aviation, but equine flogging comes to mind.

    Given that Cameron won't be doing any (re)negotiation in the next 2 years, as Nicky Boy won't let him, what are these bods going to do? Praise Boy David with the honours lists in mind?

    Surely even Business for Brussels would have noted van Rompuy's comments in February that the European Council would air Cameron's 'renegotiation' proposals with no more than a lip-biting politeness - if ever he raised them.

    They can't be that stupid. Or can they?...