Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's show time

One of my favourites: Fred Astaire and Judy Garland singing and dancing about the Midnight Choo-Choo that leaves for Alabam:


  1. Ahh Youtube. One of the participants in the NSA's surveillance program. The Land of the 'Free' carrying out a snooping campaign greater than anything the GDR could have dreamed up - and it's been going on since the Bush Republican years at least.

    The Corporate state cometh but I'm sure the Adam Smith Institute can give us a theory as to why it's all ok.

    1. You do realize that the "land of the free" was set up by people who were profoundly cynical about Government? The US Constitution is intended to limit the power of the government, but it was clearly understood that the government would inevitably become corrupt and the only real limit was the point at which the people are no longer willing to put up with it's abuses; Which is why they put the 2nd Amendment in. The point being that it hardly surprising to modern Conservatives or Classic Liberals that Governments can be highly immoral; That's why we are in favour of smaller, weaker governments and in favour of robust and open debate between competing political groups. It's the left wing that believes that the state can be highly moral, no matter how big it is, if only "they" were in charge and their political opponents would just shut up and stop confusing the issues.

    2. Well, Philip. Don't watch the damn' thing. Just as you have not read anything the Adam Smith Institute has published, do not understand the fight against the corporate state and many other things.Do you really think that a libertarian think-tank spends its time explaining why a corporate state is a good idea? Really? Can you be that stupid? I admire AKM in his (?) patient efforts to explain basic concepts to you. As far as I can see, it is a pointless exercise, as you just have about three things to say and you will keep repeating them.

    3. Thanks :)

      "...his (?)"

      "His" is correct.

      "...it is a pointless exercise..."

      I agree that no one is going to be able to change his mind, IMO he is just trolling for a reaction. That said, I think it is better to put some sort of reply in and I rather suspect that you have better things to do than play wack-a-mole every time he pops up.