Friday, September 20, 2013

Bloomin' 'eck!

I was absolutely determined not to blog about any of the party conferences, they being of no importance whatsoever. Thus I ignored Nigel Farage's speech that managed to steer clear of important matters such as how we get out of the EU and came up with some ridiculous predictions. (Governments often lose in the euro elections and that does not constitute a political earthquake.Get real, Nigel.)

This, however, cannot be ignored. I went out for dinner (Brasserie Z├ędel, since you ask) and on returning find that the oafish Bloom has actually upset even his only remaining fan, the party's Dear Leader, Nigel Farage and has been suspended pending investigation. Can't imagine what there is to investigate but I suppose they have to go through the motions. I predict he will be back.

The Boss sums up trenchantly as ever.


  1. It's interesting that you don't think - in the Anglosphere - that the UK is right wing enough, I would have thought UKIP would provide a faster path to a more right wing society, and fulfill all your wildest goosestepping dreams. And what does "Your Freedom and Ours" actually mean.

  2. Reply to Anonymous:

    There is no Left or Right in British Politics today, just varying shades of grey. You clearly have not been paying attention to events around you.

    I am not a UKIP supporter, but I doubt 'Goosestepping' isn't one of them. And in any case, goosestepping is not confined just to one spectrum (sic) of political discourse.

    If you do not like what is written by this blogger, you are FREE to ignore. Unlike the Left wing NUJ-BBC where you have to subsidise them, whether you watch them or not.