Sunday, September 8, 2013

Meanwhile in Australia

The Conservative Leader of the party confusingly knowns as Liberal-National, Tony Abbott, is celebrating a landslide victory though I understand from Australian friends that the result has more to do with the utter hopelessness of the Labour Party than the particular attractiveness of the Liberal and, especially, of its leader. I further understand that the Senate is likely to have a strange composition (the two Houses are elected according to different rules), which may prevent certain legislation to be put through. Might be a bad thing but also might not.

So, in the Anglosphere we now have right-leaning governments in Canada, Australia and New Zealand but alas not in the US or the UK.


  1. Helen, I do want to thank you for using the term "Anglosphere". I enjoy seeing it in print and would like to see it used here in the US more than it is. As for our current leaning here, we are a pretzel at the moment. I feel events will soon break big either domestically or internationally. With " the bringer of light" in the White House, please pray for us.

  2. I cannot claim to have invented the word, not would I wish to but I do think it is an idea whose time is long overdue. From the British point of view it would be a very useful alternative to the EU and to "being America's poodle", not a concept I think is true but one that is often used. You might be interested in this blog as well if you haven't seen i already: One of the authors of the book, Jim Bennett is the godfather of the Anglosphere as Andrew Roberts put it.

    1. Ahh, thanks for that link. Maybe there will be some hope yet. As far as "EU" and Anglosphere , I have used the word a few times while posting on various sites and have been attacked for using it like it was an offense to PC or something. Even when I use the word "England", which is exactly what I mean to say, I am often attacked for not saying UK. I must be a left over cave man or something. Again, thank you.